Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Steel Building

single car storage garage

Whether you need to house crops, equipment, a bicycle or lawn-mower or even some old collections, books, tools, boxes or bags. One of the best places to house all of your prized possessions is in a steel building. Of course, you want to be assured that the contents within storage are preserved and have the piece of mind that everything is kept safe.

With these buildings, whether it’s for personal or even commercial building purposes, there are a few things that you do not have to worry about. This is in comparison to some of the more traditionally built storage spaces, of wood or concrete.

Let’s take a look at some of the things which offer peace of mind with your structure.


The amount of space is one significant advantage of a steel building.  There are no interior walls nor structural supports in most of these buildings and they’re clear-span. The internal space is completely open and at the full creative disposal of the owner. This means that the clear-span interior can be manipulated as needed. When storing some materials, there may even be stuff that are not linear in shape and have some strange contortion, not to worry, the steel buildings can handle it.

If at some point in the future the demand for building changes such as additional storage space, it can be accomplished without too much hassle. There are no interior walls to demolish and if any are put in place they are not load-bearing. How is this possible? It is because of the arch design which offers the owner 100% usable space. The design eliminates the need for beams and trusses.


The durability of these metal buildings goes essentially without saying. What does that mean for the owner? Durability is assured, as well as resistance to rust and corrosion. Clients who have already made use of metal storage buildings, have noted that the buildings have withstood some of the major threats that mother nature has offered.

Steel buildings, often anchored to a concrete foundation, have been proven to withstand heavy winds and snow, earthquakes, and even hurricanes. This is a key benefit of the metal building design and can resist these natural disasters for decades. For any owner, it simply means that whatever is housed within these steel storage buildings, is in a secured space. A value added to this building is that it is fire-resistant.


One of the many comparisons often made between steel structures and other buildings built by traditional materials like wood is that of maintenance. This can over time become a significant cost for some.

Termites & Pests – The wood used in buildings may have been termite free when originally constructed. However, based on the location of the structure and even the soil around the building, if this has not been properly treated then your wooden building is at risk.

Termites & Pests: No Issue

Rotting & Mold –  Whenever there is any significant moisture that is constantly in the environment of the building there will be the threat of molds. This can become a nightmare for those who own wooden or even concrete buildings. In wooden buildings, prolonged moisture will eventually cause the wood to rot. In concrete buildings, mold can be difficult to treat at times since the concrete is porous.

Rotting & Mold: No Issue

Cracking or Warping – Wood is an organic material. It is because of this nature, that there is the potential for these characteristics to surface. Often it is at the most inopportune time that this issue would arise. Along with this, warping may be magnified if the joints where the wood meets aren’t flush, and precise. This may not arise as an issue when the building is new, but, as time wears on and the building is subjected to various weather and seasonal conditions, can become a major headache.

Cracking or Warping: No Issue

As you construct your steel building for a mini-storage business or something else, these are at least three things that you do not have to worry about. What may be considered though is that you can work on the insulation of your building, to enhance energy efficiency. Added to this is that the value of your property is maintained over time since the legacy of these buildings is well known. Should you also need to move at some point, the ease of doing so is there, and this is also true if there is a need to expand.