Metal Barn Kits – The Best Agricultural Buildings

metal barn kitsIncreasingly harsh environmental conditions have made durable buildings even more important for the agricultural industry. Metal barn kits have become the primary option in agricultural practices as they are significantly more resistant to harsh weather conditions and require less maintenance compared to traditionally built wooden structures. Steel barns provide protection for livestock, equipment, and even storage for crops.

Why Metal Buildings are Better

When compared to wooden structures, metal structures are safer. A look around the countryside will show that dilapidated buildings tend to be wooden, unable to withstand the test of time. Wooden agricultural barns are susceptible to insect infestations, pests, water damage, rot, and even structural failure.

Metal-built agricultural structures offer better security against these problems. Steel is one of the strongest materials for building structures, making it more durable and providing a better return on investment.

Termite and Pest Resistance

agricultural arena buildingTermites can cause damage to traditional wooden buildings if not continuously treated, leading to a structurally compromised building that may pose a danger to equipment, livestock, crops, or even the farmer and staff. It’s the reason why many choose metal pole barns over wood pole barns, as they do not have this issue and are strong enough to protect stored food crops and feed products from pests.

Animal Intrusion

The metal acts as a barrier against animal wildlife that may want to burrow through the walls of the barn. This protects the contents of the farm building, as wild animals are unable to break through metal compared to wood. This also ensures the safety of livestock within the building, as they cannot escape.

Extreme Weather

A traditional wooden barn is more likely to show wear and tear and experience more damage when exposed to extreme weather conditions compared to a metal barn. The metal barn is less likely to collapse, protecting the contents and integrity of the agriculture business.

Long-Term Value

The metal barn remains structurally sound over the long term, maintaining its value. Steel is durable and resistant to water damage, strong winds, UV rays, and other harsh effects, reducing the need for repairs and maintaining property value.

Low Maintenance

The durability of the metal barn means there is little need for significant repairs. There is also no impact from termites or pests, making maintenance easy. The metal is not organic or breathable, reducing the growth of molds and fungi and making cleaning easier.

Cost Effective

Construction of a metal barn from a kit saves time and money. The kit is manufactured in a factory and shipped to the site, allowing construction to be completed in a matter of weeks. Traditional barn construction can take several months and is impacted by weather and labor supply, driving up the cost.

Versatile and Aesthetically Appealing

steel barn buildingThe metal barn kit offers versatility and several options for the agricultural sector, limited only by imagination. Made from Galvalume Plus Steel, the kit can be painted in any color and includes a clear span interior allowing for use of 100% of interior space. The structure can be manipulated to include windows, ventilation, and insulation based on the purpose of the agriculture building.

Popular uses for metal barns in agriculture include hay storage, feed storage, livestock housing shelter, tractor and equipment storage, loafing sheds, cold storage, and aquaponics. It is advisable to speak with a metal barn kit manufacturer to determine the best options for your needs.