What is a Pole Barn?

steel pole barnModern steel pole barns have been used in everything from agriculture to warehousing, to residential and even in commercial needs. The pole barn is widely used since it can be considered affordable and versatile as well as easy to construct.

What is a Pole Barn?

The structure of the building is how it gets its name, that is, from structural and load-bearing poles. The poles are driven very deeping into the ground and are secure enough to then support the roof. The load is carried by the pole and therefore there are no load-bearing walls, nor any need for any underlying foundation. This is also a simpler method of construction, which was originally developed using utility poles.

Today, the pole barn has evolved from the limited specs of the utility poles, to wood posts which are specifically designed and engineered to carry the enormous weight of the structure. This is also done to ensure that the building can withstand wear and tear over time and even environmental impact of weather.

Their Secret

large hay barnThe key to the strength of the structure is that the posts or poles are planted around 4 – 6 feet into the ground. They are then anchored with concrete, as they are pivotal in establishing the foundation.

Once the poles are set in position and dependent on the use:

  • The floor or base can remain natural or customized to your preference
  • The pole barn can be wall-less as a structure and accommodate clear-span buildings, as a modern form of architecture
  • Roofing options are also widely customisable as well

The Cost Factor 

This type of structure is known to be a less expensive form of construction, simply because fewer materials are used and the type of foundation.

The Materials 

steel frame buildingBecause of the power of the single post system to bear the weight of the structure, this then means that there is little to no need to have any additional walls carry the weight. The use of high quality load-bearing material in the roof and post beams reduces the necessity for any excess material or wood for structural support. This saves in cost, as fewer materials are used and is an ideal setup for the strength of steel framed buildings.


This can be one major portion in any construction project. Pole barn framing does not rely on the foundation for structural purposes. Therefore the surface of the foundation can remain as is and become the flooring employed or minimal work needs to be done here. As an option, many pole-barn structures have made use of the underlying terrain, as the primary foundation.

Primary Uses of Pole Barns

metal hay barnWith the use of technology and enhanced engineering, we can make use of the original methodology of building the pole barn structure. With upgraded materials and practices we can build a range of highly customizable structures that are also durable. 

Some ideas and uses of the pole barn include:

Your pole barn can be completed in a much shorter time frame than many of the traditionally built structures. This of course a major advantage to the owner.