Canadian Buildings has acquired the domain Apsley Home Building Centre .ca

We’re happy to announce the acquisition of the domain

Previously located in Alberta at

2530 Maynard Rd Calgary,
AB T2E 6J8,

Apsley Home Building Centre served the local population for decades. According to their website:

“In the last four years we have worked hard to serve our community, modernize our store, offer more products, expand our services and keep our prices fair. We’ve come a long way but we still want to improve.After long and careful consideration we have decided that the best way to continue to improve for our customers is by bringing the advantages of a Home Building Centre to Apsley.”

They provided a wide range of building projects which helped Albertans improve their homes. The offering was quite impressive and ranged from raw materials such as lumber, concrete, screws, etc. to equipment for both rent or purchase, to planning services where their on-site experts could help get your project on the right track.

Apsley Home Building Centre became an entrenched part of the community and we’re confident many look back fondly on all of the work they were able to do on their home, thanks to their guidance.

As continues to grow and expand, it’s our sincere hope that the purchase of this domain will help ensure a foothold in the Alberta housing market.